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How it works?


01 Creative Concept Creation

This is the first and most important step for us as a motion graphics company.

It helps us decide the creative direction on which we will build the story and create a unique character for your brand.

At this step we discuss with the client 3 main things:

  • – Video type (2D, 3D or traditional motion graphic)
  • – Drawing style
  • – Tone of voice

02 Script Writing

Script writing is an integral part of the creative process.

It is used by all successful motion graphics studios around the world to create a voice and persona for your brand.

As one of the best motion graphics companies in Qatar, we pride ourselves on our creative scriptwriters who build a whole story using a few sentences or even words.

The script consists of two main things:

  • 1- Voice over script: what the voice over will say during the video.
  • 2- Visuals description: what we will show on the video and how the video will be animated.

03 Storyboard & Style book

The visuals are what turn the story into reality and create a world for the characters.

Motion graphics companies are all about the visuals and how they could turn the story into a living and breathing being.

This artistic part is built around your brand’s persona converting it into an unforgettable tale.

Then we start working on the visuals and it consists:

  • 1- Storyboard: Sketches for the whole video and character sketch (if needed).
  • 2- Style Book: One colored scene to show how the storyboard will be colored.

04 Scenes illustrations

After approving the storyboard & style book we start working on all the illustrations and finalize the colored scenes that will be used in the animation phase.

This phase comes only after getting the approval of the storyboard as it is the phase where everything is combined to create a whole idea that will be conveyed to your clients.

Animation companies strive to innovate unmatched stories for each client and conveying them via artistic scenes illustrations.


05 Voice over & Music

While we are working on the visuals we start sending a list of voice over talents to the client to select one of them and then book a recording studio for him to record the voice over.

Also, we work on composing the music that will be played on the video.

The voice-over talent is the voice of your brand, we offer you various talents that are part of our motion graphics studio.

You can easily choose the voice that you connect with and the music that reflects your brand.

06 Animation

At this step, we take the approved illustrations, voice over, music and start animating the video according to the script visual description.

This is the stage where everything becomes alive; combining all elements to produce a whole unite.

Whether you choose traditional, 2D or 3D animation, you will be able to assess the end result and share your feedback and comments.


07 Sound Effects

Finally, the necessary sound effects are created added by our specialized sound designers to add more life to the video and make it irresistible